Seiko 3023 34T Capacitor Watch Battery for Seiko V172 V174, V175, SSC012 302324H

The Seiko 302334T and 302324H are interchangeable

You are bidding for a brand new Seiko Genuine Capacitor Seiko Kinetic Watch Capacitor Battery 302324H for V172 V174 V175 VX33. This is brand new in original sealed packaging from Seiko.

Product Description

The Seiko 302324H – 302334T Capacitor set is a genuine factory replacement capacitor for many Seiko and Pulsar Kinetic watches.

Pulsar VX33-X070 
Seiko SSC012 
Seiko SSC015P1 
Seiko SSC017P 
Seiko SSC0212P 
Seiko SSC021P1 
Seiko V172 
Seiko V172-0AB0 
Seiko V172-0AC0 
Seiko V172-0AG0 
Seiko V172-0AM0 
Seiko V172-0AMO 
Seiko V172A 
Seiko V172-OAGO 
Seiko V172-OAJO 
Seiko V172-OAM0 
Seiko V172-OAMO 
Seiko V174 
Seiko V174A 
Seiko V175 
Seiko V175-0AD0 
Seiko V175-0ADOO 
Seiko V175A 
Seiko V175-AODO 
Seiko V175-OAD0 
Seiko V175-OADO 
Seiko V175-OADOO 
Seiko VX33-X070

Capacitors do not come charged and do require charging in watch.

**Note** All capacitors should be handled with anti-static plastic tweezers, non-powdered gloves or Latex gloves. Static electricity and contaminants from your hands can damage the cell. Also, due to the low voltage of these cells, you should not use battery or voltage meters to test them, otherwise they will be damaged.

Please note: It does take a certain level of skill and specialist watch repair tools to replace this. If in doubt, leave it to the professionals.

I don’t mind to answer questions, and I would advise that watches are serviced every 5-6 years – capacitor will not fix a faulty watch

Payment expected within 5 days

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