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reliability and originality of the watch.

About the watch: It is a Russian watch / instrument specifically designed for use on-board space crafts in low Earth orbit (LEO), such as Salyut, MIR, or the International Space Station (ISS). It is in itself an unusual piece of engineering and design with a fascinating history, but what makes this particular example extra interesting is that it has flown on actual space missions!

History of creation: The Cosmonavigator is one of the very few watches that was actually designed specifically for the purpose of space flight. This wrist instrument allows astronauts to determine which point above the Earth they are at any time. The watch was designed by Vladimir A. Dzhanibekov, a cosmonaut and twice appointed Hero of the Soviet Union. In 1970, he was selected into the team of cosmonauts. Dzhanibekov made five flights: Soyuz 27, Soyuz 39, Soyuz T-6, Soyuz T-12, and Soyuz T-13. In all, I have spent 145 days, 15 hours, and 56 minutes in space over these five missions. Dzhanibekov got the idea for the design of the Cosmonavigator during a rescue mission to the Salyut-7 space station.

The Cosmonavigator is interesting both as a watch / instrument and a piece of history. Not only does it look nice, it has fascinating stories behind it – from the first idea of the design that Dzhanibekov got on the dramatic Salyut-7 rescue mission, to the flights on-board Soyuz TMA-5 and TMA-8, the International Space Station, and finally the Space Shuttle Atlantis, always in the good hands of renowned Russian cosmonauts. The principle of operation of the device is simple and original. The watch dial has a 24-hour scale divided into 16 sectors, in line with the number of orbits that the station makes per day around the Earth. Based on the map at the Mission Control Center showing the orbit grid, marked all the continents and oceans with different colors and transferred these markings to the dial.

“If you look at the projection of the trajectory of a spacecraft flying above the Earth, it looks like a sinusoid (a sine wave), and each subsequent revolution is somewhat offset from the previous one. The period of orbit for the spacecraft, that is, the time during which it makes a whole revolution around our planet, is approximately 90 minutes. Based on these data and knowing the initial time, it is possible to calculate over what part of the Earth the spacecraft is located at any given time. The idea of this watch is that, looking at the dial, you could immediately determine where the spaceship is now. To do this, I came up with a special bezel with sectors painted in different colors, representing continents: Europe and Russia – red, Asia – yellow, Africa – black, Oceania – green, North America – dark blue, South America – orange”.

A spacecraft in low Earth orbit (LEO) makes 16 circuits around the Earth at a 0 km height per day, assuming a circular orbit, with an orbital period of 90 minutes. During this time, the Earth turns, so the start of next circuit begins at new coordinates.

The first circuit is defined by the geographic coordinates of the launch site for the spacecraft and mission. The next circuits repeat the first one with a change in the number over the equator 1-2-3… 14-15-16… and 1-2-3… again, and so on, forming a beautiful pattern of the spacecraft trajectory on the flat surface of the map.

The Cosmonavigator watch is designed for orbits with planes inclined 51º to the Earth’s equator, the working orbits of the Salyut space stations, as well as Mir and the operating International Space Station. They also match the planes of the Soyuz docked spaceships and soon the Falcon 9 missions.

Navigation accuracy depends on the orbital period. If the height increase, the time to complete an orbit will increase too. Therefore, the watch is provided with an option to simply (and regularly) correct the sector position hand relative to the hour hand.

This watch was created and designed by and for cosmonauts and its history will forever be part of the annals of space conquest.

Product Features:

√  Russian Space Wrist Watch Spetsnaz (SLAVA) “COSMONAVIGATOR” С9124153-6М17. Limited edition – 0 pieces.

√  Water resistant up to 5 Atm. Shock resistance.
√  Convex Mineral Crystal with anti-reflective
sapphire coating. Scratch resistant. Two-tier dial of watches!
√  Case diameter (without the crown): about 44 mm. Case thickness: About 13 mm

√  Case Steel, Bracelet Steel (Hypoallergenic).
√  Date of month Indicator. 3 watch hands: hour hand, minute hand and 24-hour hand.

√  Reliable Movement Miyota
6М17 Quartz (Japan). Occuracy ranges from +- sec/month.

√  Weight with strap – about 130 grams
√  Attention. it is these watch on sale has never flown in space. Just one watches model from this collection was in space.

√  Trully eye-catching astronaut watch! Appreciate the high quality and beauty of Russian watches!
√  This watch is perfect gift for space history connoisseurs, for military man, for collectors!
√  Original watches from the manufacturer! We support manufacturer warranty!
√  All watches we sell are  BRAND NEW and comes with original box from factories.

√  Before shippment all the watches necessarily be checked for any damage, inconsistencies selected model and  watch work.
√  The watch set includes a certificate from the creator of the watch and cosmonaut Vladimir Dzhanibekov with author’s signature.

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Additional information

Water Resistance

50 m (5 ATM)

Number of Jewels

Not Applicable



Country/Region of Manufacture

Russian Federation

Watch Shape





Collectible, Casual, Military, Pilot/Aviator

Case Color


Serial Number


Water Resistance Rating


Age Group


Case Material

Stainless Steel

Modified Item




Band Material

Stainless Steel




Space scale, Original space watch, Certificate from Vladimir Dzhanibekov, 24-Hour Dial, 3 hands, 12-Hour Dial, Limited Edition, Mineral Crystal



Bezel Color


With Papers


Case Finish


Year Manufactured



Arabic Numerals

With Original Box/Packaging


Dial Color


Band Color


Reference Number




Lug Width



Bracelet/Link Band


Spetsnaz (SLAVA)

Case Size

44 mm


Does not apply


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