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Brand NEW fabulous GEORG JENSEN sterling silver PENDANT drop with silverstone (so called when the design uses silver as opposed to a gemstone) and decorated with a collar of DIAMONDS.

Like drops of water captured in silver, these elegant earrings combine the best of minimalist Scandinavian design with an expressive femininity. Designer Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe always allows functionality to feature in her work and here she celebrates the beauty of the hanging mechanism alongside the organic simplicity of the silver ‘stone’.

Long version.

Fits on many of the Georg Jensen neck-rings and all of the chains.

Presented in a GJ box.

(If you would like, I can provide a sterling silver (non GJ) belcher/rollo chain, price dependant on length & thickness. Message me.)

The DEW DROP Collection was designed by VIVIANNA TORUN BULOW HUBE in 1955, when the collection was also first presented. It was re-introduced in 15.


 Swedish born Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe, (often known simply as Torun), was one of the most important th Century silversmiths and a master jeweller. She was the first female silversmith to become internationally renowned & won many notable prizes.

Her love of practicality married with a deep understanding of natural forms and understanding of symbolism makes her work timeless.

She began designing exclusively for Georg Jensen in 1969 continuing until her death in 04. One of their most prolific and arguably one of the brand’s most iconoclastic designers (and certainly my favourite!). Her jewellery has been worn by the famed and celebrated including Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Pablo Picasso, Ingrid Bergman and Brigitte Bardot to name just a few. 


 (1866-1935) Denmark.

With a history that spans more than 100 years, the Georg Jensen brand represents quality craftsmanship and combines both timeless and contemporary aesthetic design, manufacturing luxury lifestyle products that combine both functionality and beauty, ranging from hollowware to watches, jewellery & also items for the home & office.

The philosophy of Georg Jensen himself was to create democratic designs possessing both functionality & beauty. His artistic talent & superior craftsmanship, combined with his ability to identify & nurture new design talent, was the foundation on which he built Georg Jensen in Copenhagen in 1904. The same ethos continues in the company today & its products are still favoured by millions around the world and it is considered one of Denmark’s most recognised brands.

Georg Jensen, By Appointment, Jewellers to the Danish Royal Family. 



On silverstone:

  • Incised Georg Jensen within dotted oval (mark used post 1945)
  • 925s

On Stick:

  • GJ
  • 925s
  • British import marks

  • Total Length: 63mm (2.5″)
  • Silverstone: 22.5mm H x 15mm W. (0.9 x 0.6”)

Condition: New perfect condition, presented in a GJ box.

 *Save me & call in again soon to see more fabulous Jewellery listings (especially Scandinavian) & other vintage/antique items, as I am selling off part of my collections*



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Ebay is a fantastic place to recycle/collect/buy when the buyer and seller play fair. 

I have written the following information so that we can all be on the same wavelength and be happy with our transaction!

Please read & accept before bidding/making an offer/buying.

😊 Thanks    😊


Having become an (overly enthusiastic,… Ok, addicted) eBay buyer for several years, I know that warm buzz when the item you receive is as you expected & you have had good service; conversely when the item is a nasty shock or service is poor, it can really give you the hump – or worse!

Now, as I am currently unable to work due to ill health, I am attempting to turn some of my (& occasionally family/friends) items into funds. And whilst doing so I hope to transfer my experiences, good and bad, into giving my buyers first class service, so you will want to come back for more, time & again!


I am an enthusiast, not a professional, and love to see items find a new home and even a new purpose, rather than melted down and lost forever!

I try to give accurate information on the items that I sell including makers, stamps, style, dates etc. These are my assessment of the items based on research and I try to be as accurate as possible but I won’t be 100% of the time! I try to take good photos of all markings (but can have a bad day!), so if the specific details/interpretation of marks are important to you please do check them yourself. 

If you find a mistake, can fill in gaps, or know/find any additional information of interest on a piece, please do share – I won’t be offended! – I am learning all the time and it makes the eBay experience more human!



I will always try to give important details/measurements. Please message me if I forgot or if there is any further information you require before bidding/buying. I will usually answer within 24hrs. 

Hallmarks/other markings/labels will be photographed & identified, if possible, to the best of my ability. But I am not a professional so please check yourself if accuracy, date or maker is important to you. 

I would like to thank the creators of the following websites which I regularly use in Hallmark & Makers Mark Identification:



 I make every effort to upload clear pictures. Some under high magnification, especially to show hallmarks and details or defect/damage or repair. But (even on new items) this can makes even the slightest manufacturing imperfections & specks of dust appear much more prominent even though they are  often not visible to the naked eye!  So please don’t be put off – you can just rest assured that I do not hide any problems!

A recently purchased light box has improve my photo’s but at times still leaves some unusual effects on shiny objects. So if you are unsure whether something is a defect or camera/lighting effect just ask, though I will have usually mentioned any major defect/damage in the description.



Any items/embellishments used in presenting a listing (eg. jewellery boxes; mats/cloths; jewellery/scarves or additional items of clothing) are for display purposes only, unless expressly itemised in the listing. 

A box will only be sent if specified in the listing so that I can keep postage low by sending as a large letter if size allows.

If your item is for a present & you would like a (non branded) box, request before paying and I will upgrade your postage to small parcel to allow for the increased size of the package. 



I know it is really annoying when an item is not the colour you expect: Colours can vary in different light (even natural light doesn’t always guarantee the correct colour!) & on different monitors; people call colours by different names; eBay says use a common term in the title to get picked out, eg. purple, when actually it maybe plum! So I will edit photos to make colours as accurate as possible. I may also use flash or lighten/darken photos during editing in order to highlight detail (especially necessary on dark clothing, but can alter the colour), & I will note the photo(s) closest to the true colour if need be.


🤼‍♀️WEAR & TEAR👩‍🌾

I only sell items that I would be happy receiving myself!

I’m sure you will all recognise the seller catch-all excuse for have failed to mention or show defects/damage: “Buyers should appreciate my items are not new/vintage so expect signs of use” 

Please be assured I will always try to accurately & objectively describe the item & any faults to the best of my ability, & photograph them in the most honest way I can (including close-ups), warts & all! The combination of description + photographs should allow you to form your own objective opinion of the beauty, details and condition. 

(NB Don’t be put off by the mention of faults/defects – it in no way means the item is aesthetically displeasing or broken, (unless I specifically say that!) & may well be in a far better state than most items on eBay whose owners say everything is in ‘Very Good ‘Excellent’ ‘Mint’ condition or expected for age, or omit entirely any mention of condition & give only 1-2 distant blurred photos, so leave you guessing! Also remember magnified images look much worse than you can see by naked eye)

Clothing & shoes etc. will be clean (possibly excepting coats that need dry cleaning) but may be creased from storage. 



 – all damage/signs of use taken into account whether expected for age/use or not (I’ll let you decide on the latter):

 (works for clothing/shoes and contemporary/vintage/antique items)

  • Excellent     – In new/unused (with or without tag/original box) or virtually new looking condition (can occur even in vintage/antique items if only ever stored/ displayed).
  • Very Good  – Barely used with minimal signs of wear, in sound overall condition.
  • Good           – Has signs of use, light-moderate signs of wear but doesn’t detract from the piece.
  • Average      – Signs of regular use, will show signs of wear, slight damage +/or good repair (will be specified in the listing).
  • Poor            – Item is showing significant signs or use, or is damaged, poorly repaired or in obvious need of repair (will be specified in the listing).
  • Very Poor   – Obviously damaged. For recycle/scrap or significant repair before use or display.



  • There are now many more options for payment, all of which are managed by Ebay. 
  • Please pay within 3 days. (Or contact me re planned further bids/buys to take advantage of combined postage discounts allowable to 7 days). 



  • I do not aim to make a profit on P+P. It is charged at predicted stamp cost + eBay/Paypal fees. (& sometimes even subsidised- especially as I forget about different weight divisions within parcel sizes!)
  • There are times when the eBay suggested postage (frequently – often suggests bizarre options so I mostly ignore them), or my guesstimate (occasionally), is wrong & I end up paying more, or very occasionally, less, for postage – so it all works out in the wash! 
  • If you want to reduce postage further ask what the postage would be without the presentation box (if one was included in the listing) because quite often it is the size of the box that pushes the package up into the ‘small parcel’ postal category which can be quite a jump, so without it I may be able to package your item as a large letter. (Be assured your item will still be fully protected)



  • I don’t charge for packaging (or time or petrol!)
  • Each item will be well packed to sufficiently protect them, but packaging will mostly be recycled to save costs & landfill.



  • I generally use Royal Mail & try to keep cost as low as possible but eBay insists on certain levels of tracking/signature to cover buyer & seller protection.

(NB. Royal Mail standard post is insured up to £ so items <£ in value will be sent unsigned/untracked)

  • I will always obtain Proof of Posting.
  • ⚖️OUTSIZED Items (> 2Kg or > 90cm) will be sent by the most economical service at the time. If this is necessary please wait to be invoiced as the cost will be dependant on size/service used & Insurance level required. 
  • 🏳️‍🌈INTERNATIONAL POSTING: is by the eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) at the price shown – set by eBay (I don’t even get to see their cost). This is a trackable service, and includes Taxes/Custom Fees if appropriate. Your item will usually arrive within 6- days.
  • 🎁COMBINED POSTAGEALWAYS* – so check my other listings – the more you buy the more you save! As long as you REQUEST AMENDED/COMBINED INVOICE *BEFORE YOU PAY*

(*Postage is usually discounted to that of the largest single item, unless, rarely, a higher postage tariff is needed to cover increased weight; size; or insurance value). 

 Just let me know if you are waiting for other listings (within 7 days) so I don’t worry about non-payment!

NB. *☹️Apologies to International customers but the ‘Global Shipping Program’ isn’t set up to allow combined postage. I have pointed out this unfairness to eBay so watch this space!

UPDATE😃: I have found a way around this – message me BEFORE making your purchases, as it is not possible to change after!



  •  I will try to post 1-2 days after payment, but have given myself 5 WORKING DAYS on the listing as due to health problems I am often reliant on others to post for me. (I will let you know in the rare event of it being over 5/7).
  • NB. If you need something urgently, pay for the faster option (ie. 1st Class rather than 2nd, or request invoice including Special Delivery) & let me know, as I will always try my hardest to oblige).



On BUY IT NOW listings: offers need to be reasonably close to the asking price (within 10%) to have any chance of being considered. Disparaging offers are not acceptable & will be ignored. Repeat offenders will be blocked!

On AUCTION listings: If offers are being accepted please remember the auction price is the RESERVE (I would have thought this was obvious, but apparently not!) so don’t insult with offers under this! I will only rarely consider ending an auction early because I don’t want to upset buyers waiting for the auction. So there is only room for serious offers OVER the auction price to have any chance. 

Multiple Buy It Now purchases are always discounted! (As long as I am contacted before you pay so I can make adjustments) 



 If you do not receive you item(s) when expected (allowing for payment date & any necessary clearing time; dispatch time; & post office expected delivery times), please initially be patient and wait to see if it turns up and check with your local sorting office. However if it has still not appeared within 14 working days of expected (guide period for UK only) please send me a message as I will have the proof of postage & tracking code, if I haven’t already added it (if relevant).



I don’t generally accept returns. 

I thoroughly check all items prior to listing & will note any defects in the description & photograph anything significant but I am only human & can sometimes miss things. If there is a GENUINE ERROR on my part, of course I will be happy to refund, including original & return shipping so that you won’t be out of pocket!


 I cannot accept returns if you have simply changed your mind or the item doesn’t fit, so ensure you read the full description and ask all relevant questions before bidding/buying.

Note:❗️Please do not return anything without first allowing me to review the discrepancy. 

         Threats/ Harassment/ Attempts to blackmail, will all be reported to eBay! If there are any suspicions of fraud your name will be passed on to the National ACTION FRAUD Squad.

         If on return I feel that the item has been tampered with I will take action through eBay/PayPal as necessary to reclaim. 



  • I would be grateful if you could take a minute to leave feedback as this reassures me that the item has arrived safely & and you are happy with it. 
  • If you are considering leaving anything other than positive feedback on your buying experience please 1st consider if the problem is: 

  a) Due to not ready the description fully or misreading the listing or wishful thinking on your behalf (yep – I’ve done it!); 

  b) Under Seller (my) control – or nothing I could have possibly done about it! Eg. Delayed delivery due to Covid! Or more commonly Christmas; or 

  c) Is there anything I can do to put things right? Message me to see & I will try my best. 

  • I will of course leave feedback for you as well once I know all is well. (I hold off doing this until last as a reminder to check that everything has run smoothly and there is nothing more needed. Then when I complete the buyer feedback I know our transaction is completed successfully.)

If you are pleased with our transaction, consider saving my user name for future perusal, & perhaps you could share my user name/listings with others who may be interested in the type of items I am selling? 


👛💍👠⌚️ MORE MORE MORE!   📀🎒👗🕰

 I will be listing many more items of jewellery, shoes, clothes, collectibles/antiques in the future (I’m addicted to buying & have a tendency to hoard – so need to thin out!). So please look at what else I have listed & ‘ԄSAVE SELLERԆ‘ so you can check back regularly!


🐈🐈🐈🐈 From a smoke free home, but we do have 4 beautiful rescue moggies – so be aware parcels may occasionally have a present of a short silky cat hair, or even one of my, or my daughters’, long hairs (which seem to get everywhere however careful we are!) – please don’t take offence!  🐈🐈🐈🐈


PS. Many thanks – for respecting the time & effort I put into my listings by reading my (rather long) notes. I hope you found them helpful & that they reassured you that I am a very fair minded seller wanting both of us to be happy with our eBay experience!



Additional information

Pendant Shape


Main Stone Creation





Any celebration

Length (inches)


Fancy Diamond Colour



Sterling Silver



Modified Item


Main Stone


Diamond Colour



Georg Jensen

Main Stone Treatment

Not Enhanced

Metal Purity

925 parts per 1000



Main Stone Shape






Total Carat Weight (TCW)


Country/Region of Manufacture



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